The Core Research


The Theory of Planning within Complex Urban Systems: New Perspectives, New Logic, and New Experiments


Urban Complexity and Planning


Planning Behavior


Complexity: New Perspectives on Urban Planning


Behavioral Planning Theory: New Logic of Urban Plannin


Planning within Complex Urban Systems


Urban Development: The Logic of Making Plans




Ten Takeaway Points from Planning within Complex Urban Systems

     1.  Planning occurs within the complex urban systems in order to adapt, rather than outside of these systems in order to control.

     2.  Planning should take place from a human-view, rather than a bird-view.

     3.  The city is a self-organizing complex process which is far from equilibrium.

     4.  Time and process matter, in addition to outcomes.

     5.  Planning is human- and decision-centered.

     6.  Planning coordinates decisions through manipulation of information.

     7.  Ideas about urban planning and urban complexity should merge together.

     8.  Logic and experiments are the foundation of urban planning science.

     9.  There is a web of plans, rather than a single plan, for the city.

   10.  Plan-based decision making is the crux of effective planning behavior.


Lecture Series